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Table of Contents

a. The Financial Side of the Media & Entertainment Industry

b. Web3, Blockchain Technology, and Cryptocurrency

a. Tokenizing Rights Management and Distribution – the Ample Way

b. Applying Web3 and Blockchain Concepts to the Media & Entertainment Industry

c. Three Specific Use Cases

a. Basic AMPLE Token Distributions

b. AMPLE Token Use Cases

i. DAO Governance through $AMPLE Token Ownership

ii. Reward Pools, LP Tokens and Lockups for $AMPLE

iii. $AMPLE Token Burning

iv. Web3 Settlement Layer for Other Media Platforms

v. In-dApp Settlements and Membership Features

a. How to use Ample Tokens

b. Existing Ecosystem Nodes

c. Upcoming Ecosystem Nodes

d. Ecosystem Process Overviews

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