Version 1.5 – Last updated 01.12.2024 by Ample

Ample ($AMPLE) – a Web3 distribution, financing, and streaming ecosystem built on standards and protocols; rigorously designed to decentralize a $2.5T global future creator economies and the media & entertainment Industry.


In this document, we will introduce a new protocol (AMPLE) and its accompanying Web3 platform (Ample Platform Ltd) that modernizes the global Media & Entertainment and Creator Economy industry’s distribution, ownership, payment, financing, and content development processes by leveraging the power of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized solutions. Ample's cutting-edge intellectual property protocol offers entirely new solutions to age-old problems in these industries for years. Through DAO governance, Reward Pools, and a Web3 Settlement Layer, the Ample platform opens up opportunities for global creators and brands to secure funding, increase intellectual property and rights transparency, speed up payments, offer new monetization strategies, minimize launch risk, and allow fans plus communities to interact with content and it's associated intellectual property like never before. Ample will support engagement authentication, multi-market place distribution, multi-platform content distribution, on-chain provenance, digital asset offerings, licensing plus rights management. The substrate and rails being offered by Ample will additionally support the future boom of global content generation due to the accessibility of collaborative and AI assisted creator tooling.

Please note this document will reflect current directives of the Ample ecosystem and all critical updates will be posted in the change log.

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