4️⃣Ecosystem Architecture

Overview of the ecosystem processes, nodes and workflows

The Ample Network is a complex and dynamic ecosystem, with various nodes and functionalities that allow for different levels of activity and interactions with other Ample users. Below, we will outline the existing usage of $AMPLE tokens within the Ample ecosystem, all existing Ample ecosystem nodes, and upcoming ecosystem nodes.

How to use $AMPLE Tokens

$AMPLE tokens allow Ample users to do four primary activities within the Ample ecosystem: payments, production, earning, and voting.

  • Governance - $AMPLE tokens allow users with a specific amount of pledged tokens to submit pitch content and vote on production funding, marketing proposals, token burning proposals, and future governance structure proposals.

  • Payments - $AMPLE tokens allow individuals to transact with other users on the Ample platform, receive grants from the Ample DAO, and interact with a settlement layer between Ample and other partner platforms.

  • Production Support - $AMPLE LP tokens allow users to pledge a percentage of collateral throughout the different phases of production through a mixed asset collateral pool, allowing access to funds from the Ample DAO to support development of original content.

  • Validating and earning - $AMPLE tokens allow users to stake and validate, gain LP rewards during production phases, support liquidity pools between partner platforms to provide interoperability, and receive tiered DAO participant rewards.

These four primary activities within the Ample ecosystem create a wide range of utility scenarios for the $AMPLE token, allowing it to interact with all nodes of the Ample network. What follows is a description of the existing ecosystem nodes and the current roadmap of upcoming nodes.

Existing Ecosystem Nodes

  • IP Ownership - tokenized IP ownership, royalty claims, and licensing are handled exclusively in the Ample ecosystem.

  • Creators and Owners – provides a flow of original content, royalty contracts, and ideas that will make the Ample network a dynamic, growing, and exciting place to consume and finance content.

  • Distribution Platform – ensures access to all content introduced to the Ample network for respective Ample users.

  • Marketplace and Fundraising – allows interested parties and communities to purchase content, contract royalties, or finance projects based on their interests and investment philosophies.

  • Collectors, Fans and Financiers – empowered to be as active as they want, purchasing additional content / access or providing more funds for unique contracts / deals.

  • Streaming Platform – allows Ample users to view and listen to creations that have been distributed(in some cases funded) through the Ample network.

  • Listeners and Viewers – access the Streaming Platform anytime, anywhere, with minimal downtime and complete control over their media engagement experience.

  • Settlements and Payments Clearing – enables funds and tokenized IP to move throughout the Ample ecosystem and partner ecosystems without delay, exorbitant fees, or centralized approval.

Upcoming Ecosystem Nodes

While the existing Ample ecosystem is wide ranging and filled with various experience options, we recognize that the ecosystem should continue to grow and expand for maximum health and value to our users. We anticipate that the Ample ecosystem will be able to interact with other Web3 streaming platforms, enabling users from each to pool access tokens in order to stream content produced or financed by other platforms. In this way, we eliminate the “walled garden” phenomena that bogs down current Web2 streaming options (e.g., Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc.,) while protecting the royalties and IP of our creators and users. The Ample DAO will be comparable to a decentralized Netflix, Sony, MGM, and other production studios and music labels. Users and token holders can now be in control of the governing body that runs this new decentralized network and capture the rewards and benefits from the Web3 evolution of the media and entertainment industry.

Ecosystem Process Overviews

The Ample ecosystem is comprised of an intelligent system of processes and workflows using a variety of web3 mechanisms and tools to provide an optimal and efficient user experience on all levels. General process overviews can provide direction and understanding of how the platform and ecosystem work together to create a connective and engaging system built for all users.

Distribution, Streaming and Purchasing Process Overview

Financing and Production Process Overview

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